Pick your nose cups


Until now, picking your nose at a party was a massive faux pas. With these daft party cups, picking your nose is actively encouraged. Each paper cup has one of twelve different shaped and sized noses printed on it, and in such a way so that when you’re swigging from it, it looks as though the hooter depicted on the cup is your own nose. Utterly pointless of course, but what a great alternative to boring party cups – it’s a kind of party rhinoplasty, if there is such a thing. For extra comedy value there’s an upper lip as well. So don’t be surprised to find the prettiest girl at the party with a roman nose and a ‘tache or the father of the bride with lipstick and a nose ring. You get twenty four cups in a pack, each holding 12oz, and it’s almost worth throwing party just so that you can use them!

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