Nosepicking is great

Originally written in German, this fantastic book has already been translated into 12 languages. “Nosepicking is great” is already competing with “the Little Prince” and “DaVinci Code” in terms of yearly sales. Why, you wonder? Well, isn’t it obvious? The title itself says what we all longed to scream from the bottom of our lungs!

kulot.gif German author and illustrator,
Daniela Kulot

Daniela Kulot was born in Bavaria in 1966 and has been painting and drawing ever since early childhood, when even then she had wanted to become an illustrator of picture books. Her books has been publishing with great success since the early 1990’s ; they have been translated over 30 times. Her breakthrogh came in 1996 with “Nasebohren ist schon ” (” Nosepicking is great ” in English), which has been translated into various languages. The topic caused a certain amount of controversy among publishers, but then it became clear that it was the break in taboos that everybody had been waiting for. Then there were the brilliant colours in her pictures, her humorous approach to a difficult subject, the affectionate design of her pictures – all these aspects were highly convincing. The book was placed on the list of internationally recommended books of the “white ravens”.

But Daniela Kulot is not always provocative. Most of her picture books deal amusingly with the day-to-day problems of children (and adults), packed in an enthralling story. An example of this is the story of the little crocodile who is in love with the tall giraffe ; but the giraffe never notices the crocodile, simply because of the difference in their sizes . This book has been adapted for the stage.



German, French and Italian Editions of

“Nosepicking is great”

by Daniela Kulot.

“Nosepicking is great” can be purchased online on
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